Here’re Some Top Android Emulators On Low-End Computers!

Do you desire to experience playing the top Android games such as COD or PUBG Mobile on the computer but still blocked by the mediocre specs? Relax! You see, there’re currently a few lightweight Android emulators on laptops or computers with RAM specs starting at one GB.

List Of The Best Fastest & Lightweight Android Emulators:

The following are the seven lightweight android emulator to use on your low spec PC:

Bluestacks 4 (Popular):

So, who does not acquaint Bluestacks has entered the 4th series? You can say it is the most popular and lightest android emulator clearly because it has been available for a long time and frequently gets updates for improving the performance. Latest there’s also Bluestacks 4, which you can easily download from the official site for free, which is accessible in numerous options like the online and offline installer. For being capable of installing BlueStacks, the PC has to have at least two GB of RAM.


If you’re searching for an emulator that’s particularly for playing different Android games, this one would be one of the amazing choices. It’s well-known as the Android emulator for gaming. One of its benefits is its stability and speed. In addition, this program is also has multitasking features. This feature permits you to open multiple windows in the same game. It’s a safe emulator for windows, and it does not have too many advertisements. It also does not have any spyware. Compared with the other emulators, it provides not just comparable performance but also blazing speed to run the Android games on the computer.


Up next is the emulator created to the core for all the COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile lovers. It works really well with all of the games by Tencent that the company itself launches it as their official Android emulator for PC. Now the main downfall that comes with GameLoop pubg is that you cannot get any real work accomplished, making it an excellent option for the ones who desire the emulator for getting production on their PCs.

It’s strictly created for playing FPS games and can work particularly awesome for COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile. You still get access to some other games. However, the catalog cannot be compared to the other emulators’ likes on this list. Whatever the situation might be, if you’ve just been searching for a way to play such games on the laptop or PC running Windows, Gameloop is the one to get.



Leapdroid is one of the fantastic lightest Android emulators and possibly a newcomer that deserves to be looked at. Its benefits comprise being equipped with many optimizations and tweaks so that it can run smoothly, with a quite imposing gaming benchmark score. Fascinatingly, you can run two games side-by-side, which means you can play your same game with diverse accounts in one view.


Andy provides users with more flexibility for exploring even more Android features. Its benefits comprise supporting the complete Android interface; it can make mobile as a controller by connecting it using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. When it was first launched, it did have a few issues. But it managed to prove itself to be one of the fantastic Android emulators.


It provides full compatibility with AMD and Intel chips; their newest launch is Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. It also has root access and a full sidebar display with numerous additional features and functions. It’s become an amazing alternative for Android emulators, both for playing games and for productivity requirements. If you’ve trouble, it has a forum that can assist you in resolving issues, check for new updates, and other news on the official blog.


This one is also one of the top Android emulators for computers and has comparatively good performance. It is accessible in 2 choices of Android OSs, namely Lollipop and Jellybean, which can also support x32 and x64 Windows. One of the benefits of this lightweight Android emulator is its easy-to-use interface and can support pinch to zoom and multi-touch. So, it’ll be extremely helpful for those who have touch screen laptops.