how to fix xbox one controller drift

Fix Xbox One Controller Drift

Few Joystick analogy Allergic Repair suggestions

1. Make sure Your controller has new Batteries and your control is upgraded.

2. Press and hold the power button in your Xbox 1 console for 10 minutes.

3. Once your console has been driven off, then unplug the Power cord.

4. Wait five minutes then plug into your games.

5. Power in your own console and attempt resyncing the control for your console.

Follow the following steps to upgrade your Controller wirelessly and also to encourage your Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter:

1. Sign in to Xbox Live in your Xbox One games console And install the most recent system upgrade if motivated to do so.

2. If You’ve Got a stereo headset adapter, then plug it to the base of your control so that it may also get upgrades.

3. If you are using a stereo headphone adapter, then plug In a headphone (a headset has to be plugged in the adapter will turn ).

4. Press the Menu button.

5. Select Settings.

6. Select Devices & accessories.

7. Pick the control that you would like to upgrade.

8. Select Update, after which Pick Proceed.

9. When the upgrade is complete, you can upgrade Additional controls. If they could only be updated through USB, visit Update through USB. Otherwise, choose the Update the other button onto the display after the initial upgrade is finished, then follow the following steps.

As Soon as You try fixing it, then evaluations conducted it to be certain that It quits drifting. The grey part will Attempt to pop on you when You are doing so however, the crucial thing is to allow it to cease drifting before you paste it.